First Team Volkswagen wins Roanoke Stormwater Clean Award for All New Facility

June, 2020 – Residents of Roanoke County know the difficult challenges that they face during stormwater runoffs due to the steep slopes and highly erodible soils in the region. Roanoke County created the Contractor Appreciation Program to help improve these challenges. This program selects and recognizes contractors that follow the appropriate guidelines in order to make their county a safer place.


This is where First Team Volkswagen stepped in to make an impact. Stephen Lowe, the First Team Facilities Director, and Jeff Holt of Holt, Inc, the grading contractor, are paying careful attention to meet the criteria from the Contractor Appreciation Program during the construction of the all-new First Team Volkswagen Sales and Service Center. They are following proper on-site soil containment, proper use of erosion & sediment controls, maintaining of erosion & sediment controls, employing early soil stabilization, keeping dirt off the streets & out of the creeks, and making the fish happy.

The all-new First Team Volkswagen Sales and Service Center project was submitted to the County Selection Panel by Roanoke County and is being recognized as the first project in 2020 to receive the Stormwater Clean Award. The award has been accepted by Stephen Lowe and is being published on the Roanoke County’s website, the department’s newsletter, and social media.

See station WFXR’s coverage below.

The all-new First Team Volkswagen Sales and Service Center, located at 6614 Peters Creek Road in Roanoke, is scheduled to open in the Fall of 2020.

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