What to Put in a Winter Emergency Car Kit

January 25th, 2019 by

List of things to include in a winter emergency car kit
It is always good to be prepared for the worst-case scenario. For the purposes of driving in the winter, the worst-case scenario is ending up stranded in a winter snow storm. Virginia is not plagued with many snow storms, but the occasional snow storm can really impact your driving safety. A winter emergency car kit is a just-in-case kit that can be easily stored in the back seat or cargo space of your Volkswagen vehicle. Plus, many of the objects can prove useful in any season. We have the full list of things you can consider keeping in your vehicle this winter, with descriptions of when you may need to use each item. Keep reading below to find out what to put in a winter emergency car kit.

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Winter emergency car kit checklist

  • A flashlight, in case you get stranded in the dark and need to do vehicle maintenance
  • Batteries, for the flashlight
  • An ice scraper, if you don’t already have an ice scraper, this crucial item makes cleaning off your vehicle’s exterior a breeze
  • Jumper cables, to restart a stalled vehicle
  • Road flares, to catch the attention of other vehicles if you get stranded off the road
  • Water and snacks, in case you are stranded for a long time
  • Gloves and winter gear, hopefully, you are already dressed warm, but extra winter gear is never a bad idea
  • Portable cellphone charger, because calling for help might be your best bet
  • Candle and matches, because a candle can provide a lot of warmth. Purchase a slow burning candle for more security
  • First aid kit, in case you get into a vehicle crash on the icy roads
  • Extra vehicle fuel, so that if your vehicle’s fuel freezes, you can add more
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