Which Volkswagen Has the Best Fuel Economy?

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No one really likes winter, at least those of us that have to drive often don’t like it. Slippery conditions and rough roads can really make it annoying and downright dangerous to be out on the road. The common advice is to not go out if you don’t have to, but better advice might be to just get out of it entirely.

Getting out of the snow before it even hits would be ideal, so maybe a nice vacation or road trip is in order. If the birds can fly south and get out of the snow, why not us? Well, if you’re in the mood for warmer locales and a nice road trip you’re going to need a car with some good gas mileage to make the trip more affordable. Volkswagen has a lot of fun and sporty vehicles with good, efficient engines, but which one is the best?

Which Volkswagen Has the Best Fuel Economy?

A number of sedans, hatchbacks, wagons, and SUVs all make up the Volkswagen line-up, so you have plenty to choose from. Starting off with the best of the bunch is the only Volkswagen to make it past 30 combined mpg the Jetta, the 1.4L engine with manual transmission gets 33 mpg while the automatic transmission gets 32 mpg. The Passat comes in at a close second but comes just short of hitting 30 with its combined mpg of 29. There are a few ties at second place as the Beetle, Golf, and the Golf Sportswagen all also get a combined 29 mpg.

The SUVs in the line-up all get lower fuel economy unsurprisingly, but they have the extra space sedans just don’t. The Tiguan, for example, only gets a maximum of a combined 24 mpg at its best. With a little bit better performance is the GTI with a combined mpg of 28 while the Atlas gets a respectable 24 mpg.

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